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Reasons to Consider Making Trail Running Part of Your Routine

Posted on September 18, 2021 by Cecil Rivas

Here are 7 reasons to think about adding path running to your weekly routine.

1. Break up the routine. Whenever the notion of heading out for a run feels like a drag, I usually find myself heading out for a trail run. Trail running requires more attention. The obstacles (branches, roots, stones, etc.) require you to focus on the path. No time for mundane thoughts or boredom when you are weaving through the forests.

2. Want a break from sunlight? Go for a Trail Run. This past summer was extremely hot. The wooded trail setting gives protection against the summer heat.

3. Conversely, if you will need a rest from the cold winter breeze, trails provide protection against the wind chill.

4. The air is cleaner and more abundant on the paths thanks to photosynthesis and protection from the exhaust of the streets.

5. Draw energy from the surrounding beauty. I get a charge from running through the woods, over rivers and streams, etc.. I never tire of seeing deer and other wildlife on the road.

6. Get Stronger. Trails need runners to run, weave and occasionally jump over small barriers. It's a terrific workout and provides strengthening for ankles, quads and calves.

7. The softer surface of this trail provides better shock absorption and reduces the chance for common running injuries like shin splints, etc.

Trail Runners will need to know about possible hazards. It is certainly possible to turn an ankle or fall. Exercise caution, and over time you may develop a feeling for this sort of running.

Be knowledgeable about the local wild life. If you live near dangerous wild animals (i.e. mountain bikers, etc.) it would be best to run with a friend. Since paths can be secluded, girls shouldn't run alone.