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Marathon Training - All You Need to Run Your Next Marathon

Posted on September 4, 2022 by Cecil Rivas

So, one of your goals this year is to run a marathon? This is a significant task and it'll take more than keeping fit and watching what you eat if you're seriously interested in achieving it. To prepare for this particular goal, you need to have a well thought out and coherent program which will bring you slowly to the ideal fitness levels. This is true for all fitness level you're at. So how do you go about training for a marathon?

Well the best advice for doing so is to split down your training into different phases. What each phase involves, and how long spent on each stage depends heavily on your current fitness level. Additionally, it will depend on how long you need to prepare yourself. Clearly if have a year to prepare yourself, your training regime will be different than if you only have two weeks.

What most professional marathon runners counsel, is that no matter your fitness level, you may wish to split your training into different phases. 1 facet of each phase is that you may wish to bring your running skill up to the twenty six mile length of a marathon. This will usually be more of a problem for novices than for more experienced runners. However, it's a significant problem for beginning runners as lots of people can hardly run 1 mile, never mind twenty six of them right after each other!

A great example is if you had twenty six months to prepare. You then might aim to go for a long run once a week, which would gradually increase, possibly by a mile per week, until the end when you could run at least twenty miles. This wouldn't be the only element of your practice, but it would be one way of guaranteeing that you had the stamina and power to run the whole length of a marathon.

In addition to worrying about the duration of you running capacity, you need to be certain that you're running daily. Needless to say, you may take rest days, and you might even rotate your training so you are simply running say five days per week. The other two times you should be exercising your upper body. However, the important point to consider is that you need to have a regime and stick with it.