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Beginners Guide to Fell running

Posted on November 24, 2022 by Cecil Rivas

If you are getting uninterested in pounding exactly the same the streets night after night it may be time and energy to try something really different. Below are a few tips to starting out:

  • Fell running is more difficult than road racing and something of the initial things you must do is understand the guidelines of one's chosen event. These rules, made to keep you safe, are often given on the entry form. They involve from correct clothing to etiquette for crossing stiles and streams plus they assist you to enjoy your event on your day.
  • Check you have the proper kit for a race. According to the rules, you might need a compass and whistle, a map plus some emergency food rations - if that's the case, train with those items about your person, because with regards to race day, you should be used to running using them and with them.
  • Invest in proper fell shoes. We've covered this in another article nevertheless, you have to remember than fell shoes and road shoes will vary animals and you also need to train for the fells in fell shoes. You will get sent home from the race or event for inappropriate shoes, so be certain you've got the proper kind for the terrain.
  • Make sure you enter the proper kind of event: you can find three types of races and three different lengths (short, medium and long). A category A race is really a tough one, with average climbs around 250 feet and 20% of race time, or less, on the highway. Category C, however, is climbs of around 100 feet and much more road time. Start slow and low and build-up.
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